"Keep The History Alive"

Tim Heller : World War One Re-enactor, WWI Historian, WWI Film consultant, WWI Webbing Master

Specializing in Canadian and British Commonweath on the Western Front

Actor & IASTE 891 "Gaffer" see IMDB.com


Previous Experience:

  • WWI Re-enactor   Cloverdale Rememberance Day ceremony escorting two WWII Veterans to lay a wreath- 2022 & 2023 Marching in Rememberance Day Parade. Laying Wreath for WWI Veterans and escort WWII Veteran to lay a Wreath at Cenotaph.
  • Executive Producer "Writing Bethune" Five-part Documentary for television – 2022
  • Photographer & Videographer as part of the "Media Contingent" for the 100th anniversary of the Canadian Battle for Vimy Ridge in France. 2017 Filming for a documentary about the 100th anniversary and the 72nd Seaforth Highlanders of CANADA'S part in the Battle. 
  • WWI Re-enactor Remembrance Day Victory square Vancouver Nov.11 2016
  • "Coquitlam Elementary School" Nov.10 2016 – Speaking on the importance of Remembrance  day as a WWI Soldier and artefact display
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  • "Chilliwack Museum" WWI Re-enactor & Kit ,artefacts and history speaker.
  • WWI Re-enactor as James Richardson VC 100th anniversary . Oct 8 2016
  • Release 2016 "Untitled WWI film shoot " Consultant , Webbing Master, Actor & Photographer . 
  • "Tricks On The Dead 2015  WWI consultant & actor (speaking roll as the “Sgt. Major”) ,Photographer, Casting soldiers & drill instructor,Trench Set dressing & Props.
  • Over 30 Feature Films & 14 TV Series - Gaffer/Lighting Technician
  • Feature Film, "Passchendaele" WWI  Re-enactor five weeks (Calgary, Alberta ).
  • #25 Lighting deptIASTE 891
  • WWI Re-enacting five weeks for "Passchendaele" Feature Film's premiere in Vancouver CANADA
  • Experienced Actor.    
  • "Great War Experience" – WWI Boot Camp ( training in St. Bruno, Quebec ).
    1 hour TV Documentary.
  • CBC – "The Great War" ( 4 hour mini-series ) WWI Re-enactor.  
  • Speaking on the TV talk show "The Rush"  and  "CBC Radio" on  The Vimy Ridge Battle.
  • Feature Film "The Four Saints"  Soldiers webbing builder ( pre-production ).
  • Upcoming Feature Film (promo)"The Century of November"  WWI Consultant, Actor as the Sgt. –  Webbing Master, Ready & Prep 50 Soldiers for Film set.
  • WWI Re-enactor for the 90th anniversary of the Vimy Ridge battle in France, Marched in the freedom of the city parade in the city of Arras as a WWI soldier. Also I was part of the media contingent as a documentary writer, Videographer and photographer.
  • WWI Re-enacting "Vimy Ridge Day" service in Coquitlam British Columbia April 2011
  • WWI Re-enactor "The Road To Passchendaele" 1 hour TV Documentary.
  • Annually Volunteers for Canadian National Parks of Canada, as a WWI Re-enactor – Fort Rodd Hill Victoria British Columbia – WWI History  Encampment speaker and fire arms display participant.
  • WWI Re-enacting for CANADA Day 2014 – Port Moody Museum.
  • Battle for Vimy Ridge in France. Filming for a documentary about the 100th anniversary and the 72nd Seaforth Highlanders of CANADA'S part in the Battle. 2017.
  • ( see IMDB.com )


  • Full Fire Arm License.
  • Member of the "Western Front Association".
  • Lee Enfield rifle operation with or with out charger clips.
  • WWI Lewis Machine Gun – Assembly and Operation.
  • WWI water cooled Vickers,  Maxim Machine Guns, MG-08, Webly revolver.
  • Expert knowledge of  WWI soldiers uniforms and PO 8 ammunition  webbing.
  • Webbing Master.  
  • Drill Instruction WWI style ( Drill is different today ).
  • Excellent Locale knowledge of Calgary Alberta and Passchendaele battle field and its conditions weather wise having spent 5 weeks under rain towers during the fall.


  • Complete WWI Uniforms, 10th battalion. Machine gunner, Sgt. 
  • Lee Enfield Rifle with 3 Bayonets, webbing, puttees, helmets, knifes and more.
  • Access to Company’s that provide uniforms and weapons of  world war one.

Canadian Battalions I've Portrait:

  • 8th Battalion "Black Devils".
  • 10th Calgary "The Fighting Tenth"
  • 16th batt. "Canadian Scottish"
  • 22nd Batt "The Vandoos"
  • 42nd Batt "Blackwatch" of Montreal
  • 72nd batt. "Seaforth Highlanders" of Vancouver
  • P.P.C.L.I = Princes  Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry
  • Royal Newfoundland Regimen
  • Machine Gunner