Tim Heller – Actor, World War One Consultant, Gaffer,
WWI Re-enactor, Webbing Master, Full Fire Arms Ticket

WWI Kit list, uniforms & props

5 – tunic’s total (jackets) size 40,42
1- long 'great coat' very good looking original one
1 – Lee Enfield WWI rifle #1 mark 4 

2- Full sets of P08 “Webbing set complete” ammo pouch, belts packs, entrenching tool, halve stick, mess kit, haver sack, canteen, for marching or battle order. My #1 set of Webbing is “All Original” worth $2000, great for camera close up of a soldier.

1-Sargent or Sgt. Major uniform Canadian or British, brass shoulder & collar badges for Canadian
2-10th battalion uniform with brass badges
1- Machine gunners uniform with all the 5 brass badges- cap badge, shoulder, collar and arm badges
2- Highlander “McKenzie” tartan Kilt 16th or 72nd Canadian Battalion or any Seaforth Highlander Canadian or British.

2- “Going over the Top” Whistle
6- Helmets with leather (WWI) straps (British & Canadian)
1- Trench shovel 
1 –Stiff cap                         
3- Glengarry hats (Highlander) 
1- soft cap or trench cap
1- Tam O Shanter hat (Highlander)
4- WWI grey shirts  (British & Canadian)
4- P08 belt
1- snake belt
1- Sam brown belt (officers)
2- Webley pistol holsters
4- sets of puttees one Highlander 3 sets for infantry
2- boots – 9-1/2
2- pants
3- bayonets
5- canteens  
3- scabbard for bayonet
3- frog for bayonet
1- German helmet damaged
1 periscope
1- small compass & leather case
2- larger compass & nice leather case with strap 1- WWI Battle map Northern France
1- Gas alarm
3- WWI soldiers drinking cup 
2- different binocular’s with case
1- set of period playing cards
2- Rum Jugs
2- trench tool & halve holder
1- bayonet sharpener
1- canvas cover for Lee Enfield rifle
2- Lewis gunner brass badge
2- brass shoulder Machine gunners badge
1- cloth bandolier (ammo pouch sling)
7 – machine gunners cap badges 
6- Lewis gunner badges (cloth)
11 – Canadian cap badges
1- set 8th battalion collar badges
# of stripes for private, corporal, sgt, sgt. Major
1- bombers badge
2– Sgt. Major badge
1- artillery cap badge
2- marksman badge crossed rifles brass
6- extra Canadian shoulder badges
1- red cross cloth badge Stretcher Bearer
2- 4 year service badge
7- 72nd battalion cap badges Seaforth Highlanders
4- Black Watch battalion cap badge
2- Bomber badge
3- extra set of maple life collar badges 
#- other brass badges, singles corp. pioneer – tea kettle & pots & pans for trench dressing

WWI Weapons

1- Lee Enfield rifle
1- Webley pistol 45 cal.
1- Lewis machine gun – non firing
1- Lewis gun webbing
3- bayonets
2- knifes

WWI re-enacting for veteran affairs and national parks of Canada.
Marched in the 90th anniversary. Of the Battle of “Vimy ridge” in France.

Tim Heller – Mojo Filter Films Inc.

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